Woodcuts & Linocuts
6th April – 8th May 2019

Most of Caroline’s work has been inspired by her great love of architecture, the more extravagant and eclectic the better. During her career as an artist, she has produced many drawings, lithographs and woodcuts featuring railway stations and other grand nineteenth century buildings as this is a subject that has fascinated the artist as has their monumental scale and wealth of detail. Many of these are large pieces of work but over the last two years, Caroline has been working on a smaller scale and focusing on smaller buildings or details of buildings. Caroline has recently also been exploring a new theme and has produced a series of woodcuts related to items found in the kitchen and to food preparation.

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning Film Night
29th March 2019

The British New Wave film season begins!

The late great Albert Finney stars in his breakthrough film. A factory worker who lives for the weekend, Finney gives an intense performance as the quintessential “Angry Young Man”; drinking contests, affairs with married women, and a venomous disdain for authority. British cinema would never be the same again.

Written by Alan Sillitoe, with beautiful documentary-style cinematography by Freddie Francis, Saturday Night and Sunday Morning portrayed the blistering realism of working class life that had rarely been seen before.

Tickets: £10 (£8.50 KLP/students)
Refreshments included